passing 21 of 31 times for 215 yards and a critical score to CeeDee Lamb to put the Cowboys ahead of the Giants in the last quarter. after two game

Rush has demonstrated his ability to take the reins while Dak Prescott recovers by managing the enormous duties of a Cowboys starting quarterback with ease.

In addition, his string of completions during the aforementioned touchdown drive enabled the Cowboys outgain the Giants by more than a yard per play.

The Cowboys were able to secure a significant victory early in the season thanks in part to a touchdown to Lamb on a fourth-and-4.

We'll leave the illogical quarterback controversy discussion for Twitter users to kill time in the days ahead, and in its place we can acknowledge Rush has certainly helped himself a whole lot with his play in the last two game


The Giants' line continues to have issues. Although the numbers don't reflect it, Daniel Jones played admirably (save for his final attempt, which ended in the hands of Trevon Diggs).