Florida's CABO CAAVERAL, EE.UU. Florida, EE.UUCabo .'s Canaveral (AP) – In an unprecedented test of whether a rock will ever threaten Earth, a NASA spacecraft launched against an asteroid on Monday at a vertiginous speed.

The attack was made on a harmless asteroid that was 9,6 million kilometres (7 million miles) away.

The Dart sonde moved the tiny space rock at a speed of 22,500 kilometres per hour (14.000 millas por hora). Scientists hope that the impact will result in a character

alters the asteroid's orbit and, more importantly, scatters rocks and debris into space.

Telescopes from all over the world and in space focused on the same point in the sky to record the spectacle.

Although the impact was immediately apparent, Dart's radio signal abruptly stopped.

To determine how much the asteroid's trajectory was altered, it will take days or maybe weeks.