5 tips to increase google one storage

4 proven strategy to upgrade the storage of Google One

first we will discuss about free storage plans

at the time of signup google one will provide some space for emails or photos and this was sufficient upto 50 photos

after seeing the free plans then the paid plans also available swipe the story for discounted price

google one will provide 4 kind of paid service which was based on monthy or annual bases.

See what was helpful to you by skimming the narrative.

basic plain detail the first plan was basic plain at it will come with 100 gb storage  price =$ 1.57 only P/M

the google one will offer standard package with 200 GB space  price of standard pack $2.54 per month

this was one of the most premium service of google one with 2TB space  google will charge upto $7.87 per month